Take on the challenge, finish high school on your cell phone!

“Challenge your friends to finish their high school …”

Georges St-Pierre

Legend of mixed martial arts

“Do like me, finish your secondary …”

Steve Bégin

Former Montreal Canadiens player

“Challenge your friends to finish their high school …” Georges St-Pierre

Legend of mixed martial arts

“Do like me, finish your secondary …” Steve Bégin

Former Montreal Canadiens player

“ChallengeU brought together all of the elements and conditions I needed to finish high school. Everything is 100% online from my cell phone or computer! I have a dedicated teacher who’s always connected, and I can complete my courses wherever and whenever I want. It’s really cool!” Steve Bégin

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  • a photo of your government-issued birth certificate (large format). If you do not have your birth certificate, you can order it online at: services.etatcivil.gouv.qc.ca/declic2.
  • a photo of your Medicare card or your Québec driver’s licence.

Please send us your documents by email to: documents@challengeu.com along with your full name. *We are currently processing over 20,000 registration forms. Applicants who have sent us their identification documents will be contacted first. On average, the registration process takes four weeks. Finishing high school free of charge, what an opportunity!


Several other online high school courses will be available shortly
Secondary III Math (French only)
Secondary IV CST Math (English and French)
Secondary IV TS Math (French only)
Secondary V French (French only)


GSP:  “Sometimes, adolescence can be so hard. I was a victim of intimidation during high school. Sports helped forge my character, my perseverance and helped me follow through with school relatively calmly. Seeing as education is really important to me, I now support academic and athletic success. Someone recently told me about the ChallengeU platform and I think it’s an exceptional one that could help millions of people finish high school. That’s why I’m challenging my buddy Steve to finish high school, and I urge everyone in Quebec to challenge their friends too.”

Steve Bégin  “Many years ago, I was faced with a decision: to continue school or pursue a professional hockey career. Seeing as I grew up in an underprivileged neighbourhood with a difficult family life, the balance tipped entirely in favour of hockey. Still today, I’m very happy about my career, but the fact that I never finished high school left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. When GSP challenged me, I decided I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything in the world. With my schedule being so busy, ChallengeU offered up the perfect conditions to successfully get my degree. This challenge is also a way for my family to be proud of me. I hope many others will join me because if there’s one way in which sports and school are similar, it’s in the importance of team spirit!

“ChallengeU could be described as an exemplary distance learning platform that is particularly well adapted for adult general education.”


Canada Research Chair on information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education

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She’s the one you’ll be communicating with if ever you experience technical issues on the platform or if you have any other comments you’d like to share about our services.


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